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by juujika

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14 October 2003
Strip above says it all. juujika gets the cast off tomorrow (15 Oct 2003), and is looking forward to drawing again...
23 May 2003
New strip! New strip!!
11 March 2003
Sorry for no new strip since the "thumbscrews" strip. It's Arazyr's fault this time - juujika drew a new strip a week later, and Arazyr hasn't finished the scanning and processing yet...
20 June 2002
New strip posted for 8 June 2001.
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juujika Arazyr
It has been way too long. It has been so long, that I doubt I have any readers left, if I ever really had any to speak of. I must admit that I feel a bit better, noticing that I am not alone in my lull of not producing strips, though I have certainly been silent longer than most. That is what happens when you are insanely busy, and the sole breadwinner of the household. When you add to that that I draw slowly, at best... I do actually intend to get another strip done, eventually. Amy will put in more appearances, and you will get to meet Biff, Susan and Amy's Jekyl-and-Hyde boss - an amalgamation of the best and worst of every boss you've ever had. I hope to also do the Natsuko strips. You will see what I mean, when I finally get them done. I will get them done eventually. I've actually discovered that there have been rare moments, lately, when I have actually been momentarily bored I have to assume that that means that I actually do have some time in which I could do *something*. My hand, broken late last September, is essentially healed, though I do get the inevitable ache, from time to time. I broke the wrist on that side, back in '95, then the hand in '03, got that elbow rather bruised in karate, last week that hand/arm just seems to take a beating. The last injury is what I get for picking a fight with a brown belt half my age. Okay, it was dojo-approved sparring, not actually picking a fight, but it sounds funnier, the other way. (: Arazyr has a lead on a potential job! Those who are so inclined, please pray for it! Sunday (02/08) was Jim's birthday (the bearded guy who shows up in the strip, now and then). If you pop by the site, and are persistent enough to register for the forum (sorry about the pain, but there are reasons), pop in, and wish him a late Happy Birthday! I'll start the thread! It is now getting late, and I should go to bed. I have to work in the morning. Have I mentioned that I hate needing my job as much as I do. I think I'd enjoy it more, if the whole running of the household didn't depend on it. I have decided, though, that I will at least try to update rants, at least once a week, even if I don't get a strip up. I know it is not as interesting as actual comics, but it is a start. Well, it's been over a year since she started drawing these things, and I've finally gotten a website thrown together. *SIGH* I never used to be such a procrastinator... 8^)
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