Forever & Always

by juujika

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About the Comic
Forever & Always is a real life-based strip. The overall theme, if the strip can really be said to have one, can basically be summed up as, "what happens when two geeks get married", or, more simply, "geeks in love". (: The topics covered in the strip tend to vary from relationships, to office anecdotes, to gaming jokes, as both main characters are semi-avid role-players and, to a lesser extent, video gamers (mostly computer, but some console stuff). Everything in the strip is at least "inspired by actual events".
Cast & Crew


(original concept, story, pencils & inks)

This section is not called "About the artist", because I make no claims whatsoever to be an artist. I want the record to clearly show that. (: I'm someone who occasionally draws stuff for fun. You can tell it is for fun, because I think it is pretty obvious that I'm not anywhere near achieving any kind of artistic ideal. I considered calling this section "About the author", but then I realized that, as almost everything in the strip is at least paraphrased from actual events, that life itself is more appropriately called the author than I am.

I have 2 bachelor's degrees - one in electrical engineering, and one in Japanese studies. The latter is fairly recent, so I really haven't had a chance to do much with it, yet... The former, which I have used, I've had since 1994. The 2 main characters, Susan and Mark, are me and my husband. The strip actually starts a few months before the wedding - the weirdness of the questionnaire in pre-marital counselling just seemed to me to demand a comic, and things just kind of snowballed from there. My pastor loved the cartoon version of herself. (:


(story, post-production, webmaster)

I'm not necessarily contradicting what Susan said about her artistic abilities, but it's definitely better than anything I could do... 8^) I, also, am definitely NOT an artist, though in my case, it comes into play in the graphic design of the site. So, unless I get some major inspiration, the site will probably be fairly simple, visually.

My job, in terms of this comic, is taking the drawings she has made, scanning them, doing some digital editing, and "finishing" them. Then I translate them to web format, and build the website.

I only have a single degree - BS in Computer Science, Database Systems concentration. I've been doing web development since before most people had heard of the Internet, starting with a personal website on the college server.